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The Party: First Peek

October 9, 2014

PR celebrated issue 55’s publication with a celebration yesterday afternoon.  While the photography editors confer on selecting the best photos to publish next Tuesday, have a look at these few images to whet your interest. . .



Gifts for everyone!

Gifts for everyone!

Good writing deserves good food

Good writing deserves good food

A display of our work

A display of our work

Of A Party, A Chapbook, A Publication, A Win and A Festival

October 7, 2014

It’s another good news week at PR:

A Party:  Tomorrow afternoon, we’ll be celebrating the publication of  issue#55. If you’re in the Montgomery County area, join us! We’ll be raising the sparkling cider from 4-5:30 p.m in the Campus Commons (Room 212) of the Macklin Tower on the Rockville Campus of Montgomery College.   RSVP Om Rusten at

  A CSzlykcover2hapbook:  Marianne Szlyk has just published an e-chapbook, Listening to Electric Cambodia Looking Up at Trees of Heaven. Szlyk’s work is part of publisher A.J. Huffman’s series, Barometric Pressures: Kind of a Hurricane Press Author’s Series.

A Publication and a Contest Win: Sherri C. Woosley tells us that her story, “Fusion,” just came out in the  Apeiron Review, and “Very Happy and Very Productive” won 2nd place in the Baltimore Science Fiction Society Contest.


2014 Indie Lit PosterAnd a Festival: This weekend, tech editor J. Howard will be rolling the official PR  suitcase towards Frostburg, Maryland, and the Indie Lit Festival.

Congratulations, Katherine Smith

October 2, 2014

We’ve got some great news to share with you this afternoon:  Potomac Review’s poetry editor, Katherine Smith, has recently been notified that The Missouri Review has accepted five of her recent poems.  To make the news even greater, her second book of poetry, Woman Alone on the Mountain, will soon be published by Iris Press.

Editor-in-Chief Julie Wakeman-Linn writes:

 “We at the Potomac Review are delighted when any of our writer friends meets with success, but I am even more thrilled for these recent successes of our marvelously talented and hard working poetry editor Katherine Smith. Katherine is also my dear friend, without whom I could not produce the Potomac Review. Congratulations, Katherine! We will host a party to launch her new book as soon as it arrives.”

PR is proud to have Katherine Smith as our poetry editor and wish her more success and acclaim as her book goes to press.



Catching Up

September 30, 2014

Various members of our staff have been busy with literary projects these past few weeks:

Tech Editor J. Howard spent time at the Furious Flower Conference of African-American Poetry at James Madison University.  As their web FuriousFlower2014_programpage explains, former Poet Laureate of the US, Rita Dove, was the conference’s honoree, and Lifetime Achievement Awards went to poets Toi Derricotte, Michael Harper, Yusef Komunyakaa, Marilyn Nelson, Ishmael Reed, and Quincy Troupe.  The conference, whose theme is “seeding the future of African American poetry,” occurs every ten years:  based on the volume of speakers, poets and audience, it would appear that this valuable gathering needs to happen more frequently.

MonkAssociate Editor Marianne Szlyk has begun another poetry contest on her poetry and jazz blog, the song is. This fall’s contests honor jazz pianist Thelonious Monk and composer Gene Clark.  Deadline for entries is December 30th.

Both Marianne and Robert Giron will be joining the general committee for A Splendid Wake in a few weeks.  Director J. Howard is excited to have them become part of the group and knows that their contributions will be fantastic.

Finally, our Editor-in-Chief, Julie Wakeman-Linn, has been interviewed by writer Jan Bowman, about the Potomac Review. Visit the blog and have a good read!

Dorothy and Family

September 23, 2014

When last we met, Dorothy was living the life as pet and occasional model for photographer Jody Shipka. A year later, we find Dorothy’s life enriched by kittens Clarence and Evelyn. In the picture below, the kittens confer with her about life, the universe and a good nap.

Clarence, Evelyn and Dorothy

Clarence, Evelyn and Dorothy


Collaborative Poetry: “Night Terrors”

September 16, 2014

Each month, PR displays the efforts of a writer working in digital forms.  To start off the new (school) year, we’re featuring a collaborative work created by Susan Naomi Bernstein and her partner, Steve Cormany. Below the poem, you’ll find their explanation for the genesis of the work, as well as for their process.

Night Terrors

 For this multimedia collaboration, Steve offered Susan several of his poems and Susan took a photo of one of Steve’s drawings, so that Susan could create a multimedia piece. Using Steve’s original words, Susan cut and pasted lines from the poems until she had refashioned a sonnet, a form that Steve often uses for his poetry. To create the background, Susan enlarged the photograph of Steve’s drawing, re-colored the photograph using photo-shopping elements from Word, then super-imposed the reshaped stanzas on the screen.
We have collaborated on a joint effort once before, in May 2000, for a commentary on the 30th anniversary of the Kent State Killings. Steve was a first-year student at Kent State, and on May 4th, 1970, bore witness to the gunfire by Ohio National Guard troops that resulted in the deaths of four students, and injuries to nine others. Susan was a twelve-year old living in Illinois, and she remembers the catastrophe vividly. Steve’s time at Kent inspired him to become a writer—and his writings about Kent inspired Susan to widen her horizons as a writer. We met and fell in love in 1983, and our thoughts have lived together ever since. Our writing has taken different directions over the years, yet we have always taken each other’s thoughts and actions and words and images and ideas very seriously.
Steve Cormany is a retired teacher of college writing, and also worked for several years as a civil servant. He met Susan Naomi Bernstein in San Francisco, and we have lived and worked in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, and New York. We currently live near Phoenix, Arizona, where Susan teaches at Arizona State University, Tempe, and co-coordinates the Stretch Writing Program. She also writes a blog, “Beyond the Basics,” for Bedford/St. Martin’s Bits website.

Fall With Us on Saturday

September 9, 2014

Join Editor-in-Chief Julie Wakeman-Linn and Technology Editor Joanna Howard at George Mason University’s Fall for the Book.

We’ll be manning a table at the Bookfair this Saturday, September 13, from noon until 4.  If you want to purchase our latest edition, find out about getting published, or chat about things literary, find us.  We’d love to see you.

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